About Us



Established in 2019, Essences for Life (PTY) Ltd is a small business that strives to make the world smell a little better. Perfumes are sourced from a warehouse in South Africa. These perfumes are imported from all over the world. We have a wide range of alcohol-based and oil-based perfumes at outstanding discounted prices.

Our Perfumes Are Special

Our Perfumes are sealed and in its original packaging. Where out alcohol-based perfumes last up to 5 hours, our oil-based perfumes can last up to 45 hours.  Perfumes are ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and any other event. We also give customers an opportunity to make a little extra profit when becoming a reseller. Our resellers receive an additional discount when buying a certain number of perfumes per order.  We sell these perfumes because it makes us happy to see our customers happy. We are all about small profit and we hope you can help us out! 


About the Owner

Marizane Van Wyk, a 21-year-old born traveler and adventurer. Working part-time at an aftercare school in Pretoria. Trying a new perfume each day, packing orders, or expanding the business is what she strives for. Helping others making a small profit to keep them up and running warms her heart. The most “going with the flow” person you will ever meet.

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